"On July 24 & 25, Ellie Palmer Associates conducted an estate
sale of furniture, paintings & prints, silver, china, linen, and household articles at the
Allens Creek Road home of my late mother...

This was a thoroughly satisfyng
result from a professionally
managed operation with scrupulous
attention to detail, and followed by
an accounting which documented
the integrity with which it was performed..."

–one of our many satisfied clients

<h1 align="left"><font color="#990000">Generations of trust and integrity.</font> </h1> <p><font color="#333333" size="3" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Since 1971, Ellie Palmer Associates has been helping...<img border="0" hspace="0" alt="" align="right" src="../AdvHTML_Upload/iStock_000005660517Small-2.jpg" width="267" height="400" /></font></p> <blockquote dir="ltr"> <p><font color="#333333" size="3" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">–provide professional services for families tackling the <br /> sometimes emotional task of "cleaning out" and the <br /> dispersal of personal property. </font></p> <p><font color="#333333" size="3" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">–provide inspired sources for dealers and collectors. </font></p> <p><font color="#333333" size="3" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">–furnish homes beautifully with period antiques and collectibles.  </font></p> <p align="left"><font color="#333333" size="3" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">–fuel the passion of our trade for next generations.</font></p> <p align="center"><font color="#cc3300" size="6" face="times new roman, times, serif"><em><a href="../photos.asp?SalesID=368">Pittsford Gem! <br /></a>Sunday & Monday</em></font><font color="#cc3300" size="5" face="Times New Roman"><br /></font><font color="#cc3300" size="5" face="Times New Roman">February 2 & 3</font></p> <p align="center"><font color="#333333" size="7" face="times new roman, times, serif"><em></em></font><em><font color="#990000"> </p></font></em></blockquote>