Questions & Answers

What is a tag sale?

For some, tag sales are synonymous with yard sales, barn sales, garage sales, or any other type of sale that generally speaking is a one-time event in which wares have price tags and are sold. The fine art of price haggling is not only accepted, but expected.

Do you have references from previous clients?

We absolutely do and would be happy to share their successful experiences.

What's involved with having a tag sale?

Generally speaking we meet with you and review your needs. An important next step is determining the best and most advantageous schedule for your personal situation. The work then begins of:

organizing your contents by category;

cleaning and displaying with our tables and freshly pressed linens;

tagging and pricing;

advertising for best exposure;

walk-thru prior to sale with you, if desired

selling begins

successful sale is done and premises is left broom clean

accounting is done and payment with supporting documentation delivered to you

How do I prepare for my tag sale?

By scheduling a no-obligation tag sale review with us so that together we can determine the best selling scenario to achieve your financial and estate goals.

How will I know what sold and for how much?

Ellie Palmer Associates has been providing clients with complete sales summaries for close to 40 years. We believe that trusted accounting is as important as the setup and sale itself; and in turn has contributed a great deal to our success today. We pride ourselves on presenting details of the successful sale in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Do you have a question for us?

Please let us know if there's anything else we can help clarify for you.